Community Guidelines

Respect our Community...

It is our ambition to bring you a service that can underline your freedom and individuality as a person, a business or an organization. With our service we pursue the goal to make a positive impact on people’s lives. We want you to join the fun in our community and become part of our platform. We respect your rights for all content placed and shared with our service. We also herein expect you to carry out your responsibility to uphold the integrity of our service as a VoteBash citizen of this community. We trust you to respect the rights of all users and your fellow community citizens as well.

The following principles described below will help you and others to maintain the fun in our community and beyond:

  1. Pornography

    You cannot use, place or share pornographic images and language on this platform. For example, you are not allowed to place any pictures with explicit nudity or sexual content on your profile button and page, a voteled or a campaign button. Neither do we want you to use pornographic language or references and links to pornographic content in your profile, the voteleds, comments and updates you post.

  2. Hate Speech

    It is prohibited to attack or disgrace a group or a person based on race or ethnic heritance, religion, gender, sexual orientation / gender affiliation, age and veteran status. Especially, we do not allow attacks or attempts of discrase towards religious entities or figures. Do not use our platform and community for hate speech. Everybody is welcome here. We love diversity.

  3. Children

    You may not place or publish any content that involves children (anyone under the age of 18) in sexual or violent events, environments or unlawful practices. It is not allowed either to propose or suggest these kinds of activities, events and practices to children on the VoteBash platform through placement of profile, comments, voteleds, buttons and updates alike.

  4. Scandalous and Appalling

    VoteBash is not for shocking people. Do not show explicit violence or other disgusting references (like accidents, dead bodies, executions, animal abuse or open body parts e.g.) in your content that will upset the public eye.

  5. Threats and Violence

    You cannot threat anyone or anybody through the VoteBash service. For example, do not publish or post specific or direct threats to participants within our community using voteleds, buttons, comments and updates alike. Neither do we want you to threat anyone outside of our community by utilizing the functionality of our platform.

  6. Impersonation and Harassment

    You may not impersonate another person, a business or an organization with means of the VoteBash service with the intent to mislead, demean, deceive, or harm others. For instance, you cannot pose as a person by faking or copying this person’s profile page (including names and actual/similar screen names), casting a vote or posting voteleds and comments in his or her name. We see this as a form of harassment.

  7. Illegal Use

    It is not allowed to use the VoteBash service or platform to facilitate illegal activities or pursue unlawful purposes. All international users and international VoteBash citizens may also need to comply with their local laws on the subject of online behavior and tolerable content and information for the Internet and beyond.

  8. Copyright

    We respect the copyright of original content owners like you. We expect you to do the same for others. You may not upload any content (images, text etc.) that you do not posses or has not been authorized for your usage. We protect the integrity of our community with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notice. Alleged copyright infringements can be notified to our designated agent and will be responded to by law accordingly.

  9. Privacy

    You may not publish profiles, pictures, buttons, voteleds, post, comments or updates or any kind of information with the reference to people who have not consented to be featured by the above. It is prohibited to publish or post other people’s personal and private information, such as telephone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, social security numbers, employee IDs or government IDs even if these people have given you authorization and permission to do so. We also recommend you not to post your own private information as well.

  10. Trademark

    We reserve the right to recover user names, screen names or accounts in support of businesses, organizations or individuals that hold one or multiple legal claims or trademark titles on those user names, screen names or accounts. You may not mislead anybody by using these names.

  11. Spam

    Do not mislead our community. You may not use the VoteBash service with the ambition to spam anybody. Do not use the VoteBash service to repetitively send out mass invitations, useless comments, posts or other content to our citizens and everybody else.

  12. Abuse

    You may not technically abuse the VoteBash Service. We neither allow any kind of user or citizen abuse on our platform. For example, do not create a series of accounts or citizenships for the sole purpose of abusing or disrupting the VoteBash service. Furthermore, you may not pursue the practice of username / screen name squatting. Do not prevent other citizens from using a username / screen name. Do not create an account or a citizenship for the sole purpose of selling that account or citizenship. You may not post or link to malicious content that can harm a user’s or a citizen’s software or hardware configuration or even compromise the privacy of a citizen or a user.

  13. Misuse of VoteBash Verified Account Sign

    Do not use a VoteBash Verified Account badge unless it has been granted to you by VoteBash. If you have a VoteBash Verified Account or a VoteBash Verified Business Account, our service will do the heavy weight lifting for you and include the sign whenever applicable in our platform. Other accounts that do not have verification may not have the VoteBash Verified Account badge in the profiles, buttons, voteleds, comments updates or any other content affiliated with those accounts. Do not use the VoteBash Verified Account badge to mislead others.

  14. Your account or citizenship may be suspended or even faces permanent deletion in these events of Terms of Service violation. VoteBash reserves the right to immediately terminate or delete your account or citizenship without further notice if, in its judgment, you strongly violate this Community Guideline including these Rules or the Terms of Service. In some of these cases, we may even also seek legal counsel or assistance from legal authorities to investigate and take legal action against you.

    Bottom line: Just follow these rules, respect each other, don’t do anything stupid and have fun.